Canada is a country located in North America. It is a neighboring country to the United States of America. Therefore,Canada is a very unique country as it has been one of the countries with heavy immigration in take in the past few years.

Canada Immigrant Investor Program-Residency by Investment

Canada Immigrant Investor Program:Canada created its residency by investment program to attract wealthy individuals to Canada for the development of the Canadian economy.Furthermore,the individuals who qualify for the Canada residency requirement get a permanent resident permit in Canada.Also,the Canada residency program  grants residency to the investor’s family.

Canada Immigrant Investor Program Opportunities

Therefore,there are currently  two different Canada immigrant investor programs to prospective residents and they include:

1- The Federal Immigrant Investor Program

The  program of  federal immigrant investor  is currently suspended as the government of Canada is seeking better ways to improve the Canadian residency permit program.

2- The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

While,the Quebec residency permit program on the other hand is still currently open and it is meant for individuals who applied for Canada immigration and their families. Since,the Quebec program allows individuals and their families to become permanent residents of Quebec on an unconditional base. As a result,the funds are generated through Quebec immigrant investor program which are used in funding small and medium projects in Quebec.

There are two methods offered by Quebec immigrant investor program by which Quebec residency can be achieved

Through Full Investment: This involves applicants investing a minimum of CA$800,000. This investment is made to a government investment and the investment is help up for a period of five years. After five years, the investment is then paid back to the investor without interest.

Financed Investment: Financed investment involves individuals paying a reduced amount which is then used to finance a CA$800,000 closed 62-month term loan from a chartered bank. The loan is then gradually repaid without guarantee by the applicant.

The good thing about Canada immigrant investor program  is that individuals who have spent three years out of the four years through the Canada immigration program are eligible to apply for the Canadian citizenship.